Ramsua, is an Industrial oriented construction & general contractor Company, based in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and founded in 1972, since our early days we are committed to bring full satisfaction to our industrial customers.

Our headquarters are strategically located, in central Mexico. In the early days our main core of business was only construction and general contractor, yet with well over 45 years of experience we have developed a strong reputation and industry’s recognition, which has resulted in the multiplication of our projects in size and number.

By the decade of the 90’s, we began venturing into self-funded development, introducing residential, medical and industrial oriented venues all across Mexico; we have used a wide range of strategies and business models to achieve our successful projects, shaping us as a very flexible enterprise. While constantly expanding our business horizons, we have branched out into two main areas of the business: industrial and residential, yet supplementing with urbanization for the housing industry.

Our mission Ramsua takes a “hands-on” approach to every project we embark on. We do so by selecting the best materials for the available budget, using talented and experienced craftsmen, and providing one-on-one customer service. By leaning in our 45 years of experience, we take pride in assuming customer satisfaction as whole set of values, permanently striving to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our vision is to create supportive bonds and chains of success between our suppliers and customers, just like with all of us that participate on this company. Obtaining like this the improvement of our company, our jobs and finally the quality of our lives.
RAMSUA'S team, is identified with the value of SERVICE:

We create actions that allows us to make something in benefit of others.

With more than 30 years of experience. We make customers to be satisfied.

1. UNDERSTANDING, we embrace our customers goals in order for us to create with all our available resources the needs in all areas, from space, budget, timing, quality and esthetical desires of our clientele, thus providing full satisfaction.

2. RESPOSABILITY, We strongly believe in meeting our commitments, fulfilling with honesty the needs expressed by the customer, delivering our obligation timely, and on a one on one basis, we apply our most demanding values to deliver more than the customer expects from us.

3. KNOWLEDGE, Ramsua is governed by the principle of our diligence, therefore we pledge our premise: “The degree of the service provided is directly proportionate to the degree of the experience and the knowledge to deliver” we are supported by well over 45 years of experience.

4. OPPORTUNITY, this flows in direct association with timing, which means we seize opportunities due to our predominance in the industry.

5. RESOURCES, We are a self-funded enterprise; we are set with our own equipment, the necessary machinery, and the indispensable human resources amongst other means.