Throughout our history, RAMSUA has joined several different housing projects, mostly, every project begins with land survey, structural design, soil and services engineering, architect production and development, following to mere construction.

The following developments are examples of the achieved objectives and the consequential growth, resulting from the different stages, in which we successfully mastered technical aspects, execution timing, implementation of protocols, and managing development of different environments in different cities of the country.

In the year 2000, Grupo Ramsua seeks expansion, and diversification of our business core, venturing in the affordable housing sector, creating its first housing enterprise “Casa Omega”. That is how our first project came to take shape, “RESIDENCIAL La Estancia” which started with the design of its architecture component, and engineering infrastructure of the houses and the whole complex. Later, Ramsua completed the full scope project.

The end result was a successful commercial boost, thus, our Group decided to continue branching out in the housing development industry.
RESIDENCIAL TULIPANES is yet another housing complex located in the city of San Luis Potosi, part of Ramsua’s projects, it is one example of our successful housing developments.
In the city of ciudad de San Luis Potosí we designed infrastructure and housing for Cumbres Residential Housing Complex, to develop full scope project.

This was a project specifically designed for a middle class housing market with 220 housing units and a commercial venue across the Street from the main project.
In the year 2009, Ramsua explored the “Juriquilla” (in the state of Queretaro), market with a project for a private segment. This project consists on green areas, communal lounge, parking lots, among other venues. Ramsua developed the architectonic and engineering components full scope, as well as the actual construction of housing and all hydro, plumbing and electric work.
Driven by our success in the state of Queretaro, we decided to continue venturing in the housing market; we improved the architectonic component and implemented the use of new materials in the building process of this project.
Enduring to seize the momentum, while implementing new techniques, we successfully delivered this 74 house project along with green areas and playgrounds.
As we gained experience with previous developments, we also built a reputation and were called to deliver the engineering and construction of Los Almendros, where we were asked to combine elements from some of our most successful developments.
This residential development called Sule, in the town of Zibatá, Querétaro, was rather challenging, as the land was very inclined and the clay-like soil was a very difficult lot to build on, we had to implement the use of retaining concrete walls as well as clay soil management techniques.

The end result was a commercial development highly successful.

Ramsua is constantly committed to design and deliver top quality real estate development. Aware of the competitive markets we have invested in training and educating our team, implementing the use of the most recognized techniques in order to achieve the most satisfaction for our clientele and the end user.