During our chronology as a company, RAMSUA has gained experience in different types of building methods, some of it in vertical, some in horizontal, both in commercial such as buildings for banks, schools, parking lots, medical facilities, housing high rise and others.

Candia, Zúñiga & Associates is a real estate specialized law firm, located in the city of San Luis Potosi, responsible for providing us legal services for more than 35 years.

We were chosen to develop a detailed 3 story building design, consisting of office space, meeting rooms, library, archives, internal patios, underground parking and other venues.
Chapultepec School is an institute that offers academic services from pre kinder garden, Kinder garden, primary up to high school level.

This school chose Ramsua to design and develop several buildings containing, multi-use room, sports venues, administrative office space, play grounds, and parking, the façade of the building was built using special humidity repealing material.
HERKO Corporation trusted us the engineering of their 10 story housing building. The challenge of this development was to deliver founding on a clay-like soil lot; we came up with the solution of making the foundations stronger with with reinforced concrete stacks.

This project included green areas, underground parking, roadways, gated entrance modules, water cisterns, a pool, multiple-use lounge, elevators along with all hydro, electric and plumbing work.
This was a high end medical facility project, including an underground 2 level parking lot, cafeteria, commercial space on the ground level and 6 stories of doctors’ offices, 2 ambulatory O.R.’s, and Recovery units.

The building includes all the necessary medical venues demanded by the industry, high end finishing’s, and the most demanding requirements that medical facilities require.
edificio confía
pm steel
Turnkey project. Delivered in the most efficient lasting and safe materials, such as concrete floors, brick walls and the best finishing’s.
Project made in a plot protected by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) this was a challenging project because it included demolition of the interior of the building, without damaging neighboring structures and preserving the original façade, considered a historic heritage building, we achieved to build a 3 story parking building.

In order to successfully achieve the most efficient construction method, it was necessary to set the least columns on an uneven land, for which we had to use post - tensed concrete trays of up to 30 m long.
Again this was a valuable heritage building that turned into a 7 story parking lot.

To achieve success it was necessary to reinforce the existing concrete structure; incorporate ramps, elevators and other needed structures. The end result was a highly efficient 7 story parking lot with a ground level commercial component.

At Ramsua we take pride in providing total satisfaction to our clientele; this has made our success possible, while they keep us in their target for new projects, as well as recommend us.